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Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Gen 2 Wired Black

110 110 Ft
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LENOVO ThinkPad Dock - Thunderbolt 3 WorkStation Gen2 230W
Hivatalos magyarországi forgalmazótól. Műszaki leírás: Egyéb adatok :Típus :DokkolóFEATUREPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONUnlock more ways to be productive with the new generation of workstation dock. The ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock Gen 2 turns your ThinkPad Mobile Workstation into a productivity powerhouse, adding support for multi 4K displays, optimized one cable charging, a slew of expansion ports, and advanced network manageability features. TOP FEATURESOne Power, More SpaceA 230W power adapter that’s 30% slimmer than the previous generation saves you desk space without costing you performance and allows you to quickly charge your 170W Mobile Workstation or 65W to ThinkPad Classic Notebook via a single cableExpanded Support, Extra PossibilitiesDo more and be more with added support for Thinkpad Classic Systems thanks to Split Slim Tip and TBT docking ports. Upgrade either device with one cable video, data, and powerSuperior Networking, Secure DataThe dock provides advanced, secure network manageability such as PXE boot and Wake-On LAN. It also supports passing ThinkPad Mac though the dock for IT to identify the system. TECH SPECSAgency ApprovalscULus, FCC, ICES, NOMAudio PortsYesBrandThinkPadCharging PortSlim tip or TBT PortColorBlackDepth80mmDriver NeededYes, ready at PreloadEAN0193638285168EthernetYesHardwa re RequirementsThinkPadHeight30mmIncluded Accessory230W Slim type adapter, power cord, Thunderbolt 3 Workstation dock slim tip Y cable and Thunderbolt 3 workstation dock Split cable, warranty and setup posterInput Power230WIntegrated Graphics CardnoJAN4580550699320Length220mmMax Number of External Monitors3 including TBT monitorMaximum Operating Temperature40 celsiusMaximum Relative Humidity (%)95Maximum Resolution/Refresh Rate4K @60HzMinimum Operating Temperature0 celsiusMinimum Relative Humidity (%)5Other Electrical Specifications3 yearsOther Operating EnvironmentCRUOutput PowerYesPackage Typebrown boxPacked Dimensions (L x D x H)270x195x85mmPacked Weight1900gPhysical Security FeatureKensinton key lockPower ButtonYesPower Delivery170W to MWS or 65W to LaptopPower Plugslim tipProduct Weight525gSupported OSWin10Thunderbolt Port1UPC193638285168USB PortsYesVideo PortsDP, HDMI, ThunderboltCOMPATIBILITYOPERATING SYSTEMOS IndependentCOMPATIBLE MACHINESDescriptionIDFootnoteThinkPad E Series-E49020N9 20N8 ThinkPad E Series-E490s20NG ThinkPad E Series-E59020NB 20NC ThinkPad E14 Series-E14-IML20RA 20RB ThinkPad E15 Series-E15-IML20RD 20RE ThinkPad L Series-L39020NS 20NR 20NU 20NT Think Pad L Series-L48020LS 20LT ThinkPad L Series-L49020Q5 20Q6 ThinkPad L Series-L58020LW 20LX ThinkPad L Series-L59020Q7 20Q8 ThinkPad L13 Series-L13 Clam 201920R3341. PXE boot supported. Wake On LAN from Sleep, Hibernation, or Power-Off mode. MAC address pass through. Make sure dock with FW 1.0. 3.08281 or later version, Dock FW website:https://support. lenovo. com/us/zh/solutions/acc50010620R4 Think Pad L13 Series-L13 Yoga 201920R6 20R5 ThinkPad P Series-P120MD 20ME ThinkPad P Series-P1 Gen 220QT 20QU ThinkPad P Series-P43s20RH 20RJ ThinkPad P Series-P51s20HC 20HB 20JY 20K0 Think Pad P Series-P5220M9 20MA ThinkPad P Series-P52s20LB 20LC ThinkPad P Series-P5320QN 20QQ ThinkPad P Series-P53s20N6 20N7 ThinkPad P Series-P7220MC 20MB ThinkPad P Series-P7320QR 20QS ThinkPad T Series-T47020HE 20HD 20JM 20JN Think Pad T Series-T470s20HF 20HG 20JS 20JT Thin kPad T Series-T48020L5 20L6 ThinkPad T Series-T480s20L7 20L8 ThinkPad T Series-T49020N2 20N3 20Q9 20QH 20RX 20RY ThinkPad T Series-T490s20NX 20NY ThinkPad T Series-T49520NK 20NJ ThinkPad T Series-T495s20QK 20QJ ThinkPad T Series-T57020H9 20HA 20JW 20JX Think Pad T Series-T58020L9 20LA ThinkPad T Series-T59020N4 20N5 ThinkPad X Series-ThinkPad X27020HN 20HM ThinkPad X1 Series-ThinkPad Yoga 37020JH 20JJ ThinkPad X1 Series-X1 Carbon 5th Generation20HR 20HQ 20K3 20K4 ThinkP ad X1 Series-X1 Carbon 7th Generation20QD 20QE 20R1 20R2 ThinkP ad X1 Series-X1 Extreme 1st Generation20MF 20MG ThinkPad X1 Series-X1 Extreme 2nd Generation20QV 20QW ThinkPad X1 Series-X1 Yoga 2nd Generation20JD 20JF 20JG 20JE ThinkP ad X1 Series-X1 Yoga 3rd Generation20LD 20LE 20LF 20LG ThinkP ad X1 Series-X1 Yoga 4th Generation20QG 20QF 20SA 20SB ThinkP ad X1 Series-X27020K5 20K6 ThinkPad X1 Series-X28020KE 20KF ThinkPad X1 Series-X380 Yoga20LH 20LJ ThinkPad X1 Series-X39020Q1 20Q0 20SC 20SD Think Pad X1 Series-X390 Yoga20NN 20NQ ThinkPad X1 Series-X39520NL 20NM ThinkPad X1 Tablet-ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 320KJ 20KK ThinkPad s Series-S1 4th Gen20LK Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 13s-IML20RR Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14s-IML20RS   

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